Capitalizing on talent to spur growth

Custom Staffing Solution


With an aggressive growth plan to double its $12 billion in assets over the next three years, a banking client found themselves in need of a new talent acquisition strategy. As a regional commercial bank that delivers highly-customized services to businesses and entrepreneurs, the bank sought a partner who could aid in recruiting highly qualified, consultative candidates with a shared vision of exceptional customer experiences through technology.

Custom Staffing Solution


The commercial bank turned to WorldLink to find candidates with the unique and specialized skillsets to ensure a complete fit with their organization. This included finding resources that demonstrated both know-how and cultural fit.The WorldLink solution included:

  • Serving as an extension of the bank talent acquisition team
  • Thorough understanding of the bank culture and skillset requirements
  • Leveraging of market knowledge and propriety to screen exceptional candidates
  • Strong, collarborative relationships with members of the banking team
  • Extensive candidate screening that aligned with client expecting
  • Hiring selected candidates onboarded and project sending on day 1

Bottom Line

The client realized the benefits through:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Low Risk
  • Tech-enabled Data-as-a-Service
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