Data Governance Advisory: Manufacturing


Transforming Siloed BI Operations

A multi-national manufacturing company grew very quickly by making acquisitions around the world to penetrate markets usually serviced by smaller regional firms. This strategy helped grow revenue and accelerate their global presence, which initially produced positive business results. One of the major internal challenges was that many diverse organizations, applications and data solutions were absorbed into the enterprise and operated independently of each other.

From a data point of view, the data was held in silos and each group had their own interpretation of their business data. These different departments then produced and managed their own business intelligence and analytics. The company’s goal was to operate as a single global enterprise and to take advantage of the available economies of scale in areas such as quality management, sourcing, sales and supply chain functions.

Data-Governance Advisory



WorldLink's Consulting and Systems Integration Services is able to assess, plan, and build an enterprise data architecture that enabled the company to have a comprehensive data view of all business functions by doing the following:

  • Assess all instances of data across the enterprise for application and reporting/analytic purposes
  • Create a single master of each data domain providing data consistency and dependability to all organizations
  • Define and implement the data discipline processes around master data, data governance, data cleansing and data quality
  • Develop and implement an enterprise data architecture using cloud-based, open-source technologies to become the enterprise data repository for all data needs regardless of geography and function
  • Implement the appropriate reporting and analytic applications that promote self-service user interfaces defined by role and function
  • Define key roles, create job descriptions and staff resources to execute the data disciplines globally

Client Outcome

  • Enables the client to have a comprehensive enterprise view of all its business areas regardless of geography or function, without the difficulty of acquiring and manipulating the data, and having concerns about its accuracy
  • Reduces unnecessary costs by eliminating redundant data and systems as well as reducing the labor required to prepare and produce the data related outcomes
  • Define and implement the data discipline processes around master data, data governance, data cleansing and data quality
  • Enables the data repository to act as the single source of accurate data for all organizations eliminating concerns around data sourcing, accuracy and completeness
  • Provides a standard set of toolsets that facilitate training and user adoption
  • Reduces time and cost of creating, manipulating and reporting of data

Bottom Line

By constructing a comprehensive data view for the enterprise, departments were able to use data in a streamlined manner rather than idiosyncratic consumption that promotes inefficiencies. Unnecessary costs and redundant data dropped dramatically while managers were able to have a broad view into the company.

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