Advisory: Financial Services


Providing The Right Accelerators

A large financial services company has been building out big data and analytics capabilities over the past few years and is now struggling with issues such as the time it takes to develop and execute a use case, the quality of the end product as well as consistency, quality and cost of deployment and support activities.


  • Use WorldLink's Big Data and Analytics COE approach to implement a center of excellence for big data and analytics
  • Implement an end-to-end process from data discovery through solution support
  • Use iterative discovery to promote innovation and improve solution impact and business value
  • Create entry criteria for projects to be accepted into the COE as well as exit criteria to permanently transfer solutions to support organizations
  • Define roles and job description for COE part and full time staff such as business functional lead, program lead, senior architect, analytics lead, support lead and ROI analyst
  • Implement performance management KPIs and continuous improvement protocols to ensure use cases are not only implemented efficiently but also deliver on expected business benefits
Financial Services
Expected Client Outcome
  • Reduced time and cost of developing analytic solutions from concept to production by applying a structured approach and emphasis on continuous improvement
  • Improved quality of the end product by working closely with business sponsors from beginning to end
  • Increased business impact of analytic solutions due to imbedded discovery process where business leaders and COE leaders jointly develop the use case and expected results

Bottom Line

WorldLink worked side-by-side with the Client's business sponsors to stand up an analytics Center of Excellence able to develop and execute a use case based on the Client's data consumption and business drivers.

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