Rapid Deployment of a Capable Workforce


An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sought out WorldLink as a trusted partner to manage vital end-to-end logistics for systems engineering in the field that serviced markets throughout the United States.

Team workforce


WorldLink provided a retail sales and marketing program that increased profitability while driving the Samsung brand. The final end-to-end solution included:

  • Writing of specific job descriptions
  • Locating both active and passive candidates for consideration
  • Coordinating interviews
  • Performing technical assessments to qualify candidates
  • Onboarding of approved candidates
  • Asset distribution and recollection for a mobile Workforce
  • Managing the resources on the project

Bottom Line

By partnering with WorldLink, they were able to achieve the following success:

  • The turnkey project allowed the OEM to deploy a skilled team to oversee client's telecommunications network nationwide in just 90 days
  • While leveraging WorldLink's ability to source, qualify and process difficult-to-find contractors
  • WorldLink was able to track and collect distributed assets for disparate Workforce located throughout the country, reducing costs
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