IT As-A-Service: Private Medical School


Secure Solutions, On demand

A private medical school with more than 90 patient care centers approached WorldLink because their shadow IT created a risk for HIPPA violations. The school users were provisioning compute in AWS public cloud without central IT, which caused efficiency issues as their research teams were working around central IT.



  • Cisco UCS Director based private cloud to ensure HIPPA compliance
  • Single click, self-service portal for on demand research environments
  • Ensured cloud tenant model mirrors the organization
Client Outcome

Due to the solutions that WorldLink provided, the client was able to reap multiple benefits. Self-service eliminated shadow IT allowing the research teams to access data directly. IT controlled costs and ensured regulatory compliance. With the solutions applied, IT spent less time provisioning and the client’s school ran more efficiently.

Bottom Line

A custom WorldLink self-service portal allowed the Client to ensure HIPPA compliance while granting direct data access for the school's research teams. The move to the private cloud allowed for reduced provisioning costs and added flexibility.

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