Providing Product Lift through People

A customized sales and marketing recruiting program that exceeded expectations.


Their Retail Marketing Organization was an instrumental department for Brand Awareness and Product Education. Samsung sought WorldLink to source, train and manage a nationwide workforce that could operate under a unified system of best-practices and streamlined reporting.


To manage all aspects of the nationwide program and provide full transparency to its partner, WorldLink deployed on operational matrix customized for retail success.

Retail Marketing Organization

Bottom Line

By partnering with WorldLink, Samsung was able to achieve the following successs:

  • Recognized as the #1 RMO team in the market and ran in all major cities in U.S. and Puerto Rico
  • Increased savings to STA through reduction in processing fees on standard allowance, expenses and bonuses -$1.2 million savings over 2 years
  • Collaboration with management on better employee measurements metrics - i.e. one-on-one evaluations
  • Implemented a better workplace survey to measure the team's satisfaction level with the work environment and provide actionable steps for improvement based on qualitative feedback
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